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Dec 01

Vipers – Acrostic Poem by Dragon Blogger

This poem just sprung into my head while in a car ride last weekend, I typed it up on my blackberry (my wife was driving) and this picture seemed to fit the poem. V ipers bursting forth from my gut I gnorant of the end P ain ebbing from my body E xpressions etched in …

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Apr 18

Poem: Predators

Predators is my first attempt at a Shadorma style of poem which conforms to the syllabic structure of 3/5/3/3/7/5.

Mar 22

Creative Means: Random Twitter Poem for Mar 22nd

Creative Means was in part inspired by Jack Kevorkian and tells a tale of an elderly caregiver who believes he helps people end their suffering by taking their lives peacefully.

Mar 20

Poem: Wizards Ending

Wizards Ending is a poem where every word in the same sentence starts with the same letter, I created it as a challenge to myself.

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