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Jul 19

Poem: Palestine Hero

Palestine Hero is a poem about a boy who grows up with hatred and seeking revenge for his sister and mothers death.

Apr 15

Poem: Battlefields

Wars are harsh and savage, this medieval battlefield poem captures the pain from one. Battlefields   Strike tough blade splitting spine like cleaver through hock   Final half shot swear cry fading into slippery whisper   Life so different on battlefields no games played here   -Poem by Justin Germino

Mar 17

Haiku: Lost War

After the fighting just takes too many tolls this haiku is about the surrender and finally giving up. Lost War Finally concede just too many lives lost the war is over -Haiku by Justin Germino

Feb 11

Poem: The War

The War Like a war from hell they fought and they fell features of creatures just too much to tell Dazed and confused their bodies abused lies they’ve been told souls were just sold From the ruins there lay countless bodies would stay none would be richer or wiser when following another adviser  

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