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Feb 13

Beginning the Week: Random Twitter Poem for Feb 13th

Today’s poem Beginning the Week showcases the start of a busy workweek with the hustle and bustle of business types

Aug 14

Poem: Sunbeams

A poem about being distracted by sunshine coming in through office windows, sunbeams is about taking a moment of appreciation and a breather. Sunbeams Luminous happenstance ecstatic eruption from chaos welcome potential distraction from every maniacal schedule trend occurring too infrequently sunbeams cascade through windows -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 14

Until Release – Random Twitter Poem for Jan 14th


Until Release is a poem about having a rough day at work and was inspired by the 8 random submissions provided by Twitter followers.

Jun 30

Who Will Make Coffee? – Random Twitter Poem for June 30th

Today’s random twitter poem called “Who Will Make Coffee” is another comical poem that consisted of 10 random words (in blue) provided by the twitter followers below: tolting is a type of Icelandic horse, Finnimbrun is a synonym for “knick-knack” to help you with reading the poem. @KathrynVercillo (coffee), @azredneck (volunteer), @Rinari (recovery), @shemah (stalker), …

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