Nov 03

The Affair

The Affair

How could you have an affair
showing my heart no mercy or care
Love was glass now broken pieces
jagged edges tear my soul

Pain is worse than death
I die a little more each day
A mistake can be forgiven
but not when it happens this way

Am I destined to live alone
with a heavy heart and soul
do I deserve to stay and suffer
and become hollowed out

Will my feelings turn to stone
or my anger fade in peace
is love a fantasy or fiction
a meal on which I will never feast

So I try to heal these wounds
with a heart that barely beats
can we be saved and if so why
when it can happen again in a flash

I love forever but I am tired
I want to sleep and sleep
awake from a dream of anguish
or never wake at all

Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.positivelifeguide.com emma31

    That was really really nice. No words to appreciate enough. Can feel the pain.
    Emma @ affairs of a husband