Nov 01

This Is Sorrow

This Is Sorrow

T here is an endless scream echoing in my head
H eeding no request to cease or desist
I t fills my mind to the brim of despair
S o I just sit in a dark corner and cry

I can sometimes suppress and dim the insanity
S ometimes is not always good enough to build hope

S o I just wait, wait for something to change, wait for death
O r I sometimes convince myself that life is a lie
R aving lunacy or simple madness may be the cause
R easons for these thoughts and screams have not been found
O paque thoughts slip through and speak wisdom
W hy bother living through the pain.

Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://hereandnow4angel.blogspot.com Angie

    I could really relate to the feelings this poem conveys. Beautiful writing!

    Angies last blog post..Halloween Faces