Oct 26

Troubled Sleep – Random Twitter Poem for October 26th

Troubled Sleep is about someone having chronic nightmares or visions that weigh on the soul. It is my largest contributed twitter poem with 22 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers:
@Piratelover22 (balmy) & (plethora), @yearning4d_sky (yearning), @Jemfyr (opaque), @dreamon51 (vestigial), @TrinaMb (conundrum), @Zorlone (drunken), @Aluwir (schlemiel), @booksaboutpeace (Indefatigable), @MeWriteWords (pulp), @Karee13 (superfluous), @purple_froggy (collaborated), @filigreegirl (syllogism), @amds007 (sunflower), @Im4tun8 (materialistic), @babyfuzz (insipid), @smmode (haphazardly), @ambassador1O1 (exhort), @rockalong (despondency), @kendrascookies (maniacal), @conradtheart (payment), @wishinghearts (cashew)

Troubled Sleep

Vestigial dreams like drunken pulp
opaque ghostly sunflower roots deep
left stricken with a maniacal yearning
plethora of superfluous visions exhort
thoughts explained by no known syllogism
haphazardly infecting your slumber
as if collaborated in this conundrum
with nightmares received as payment
no balmy mood to greet your awakening
indefatigable schlemiel with restless sleep
insipid despondency worn like a chain
materialistic worries met with reality
emotions as toxic as a cashew nut shell
just another night of troubled sleep

-Poem by Dragon Blogger