Nov 04

Twitter Random Poem for November 4th

I periodically ask people on twitter who follow me to randomly submit me a word and I will craft a unique poem involving the words I am given.  Today I received 6 words that all flowed together for me to find a common theme.  Here are my results:  (All of the Twitter words provided are highlighted in blue)

Death Rides In From The Vast Ocean

The poison tide rolls in
acidic fog steals your breath
this is but one sign
of the harbinger known as death

Your fellow man will bootleg your soul
to save his own from this awful fate
So death comes forward in a tidal wave
riding on the back of skeletal hippopotamuses

His scythe in hand your vision grows dark
people scatter before him like ants
you try to run but your knees are wobbly
instead falling to the ground begging for your life

You scream for your life but no words come out
all you taste before the end of the road
is the acrid salty seaweed sliding down your throat
the tide sweeps over you and all is lost

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

Thanks to the following Tweeple who provided the words today:  @cre8nnov8, @coyotesqrl, @jayjo, @TheDailyBlonde, @miriella, @reginasuniverse.

So let me know what you think people, leave a comment or tweet me back on twitter (@dragonblogger).

  • http://beetle-blog.com Babs – beetle

    Wow! That’s very good!

    Babs – beetles last blog post..Diamonds. A girls best friend? – Part 3 (final)

  • http://www.damienriley.com/ Damien

    Good job. You’re a talented guy! I loved the adjectives “arid, salty.”

    Damiens last blog post..Get in With 9Rules

  • http://www.web-betty.com/blog/ Web-Betty

    Damn, I was hoping ‘dunderhead’ would get in there. Oh well, maybe next time…

    Web-Bettys last blog post..VOTE!