Oct 24

Wanderer Thoughts Poetry Now on Sale for Kindle

After years of talking about it I finally put together a Kindle book of poetry titled Wanderer Thoughts Volume 1.

This contains a collection of over 100+ original poems with all of them being Twitter poetry game creations and talks about how the poetry game has grown over the years.  This volume contains the best first 100 poems I thought after scouring through the earlier poems that many new visitors would never have read and would be new to them.

Wanderer Thoughts Volume 1 is in Kindle book format (.mobi) and can be read with any Kindle reader or reader software for your PC.  The book is only .99 cents and if you have an Amazon Prime account you can rent it in your lending library for free.

Help support Wanderer Thoughts Poetry, purchase a copy (or rent it) and share feedback on Amazon on what you think!