May 11

Win A Vacation To Kissimmee Florida

Sun Awaits

Still the western sun
Waters edge on fire
Wild rides come
Thrills reaching higher

Enchanted moon lights
Fantasy around
Endless magical sights
Wonder abound

-Poem by Dragon Blogger


Kissimmee Florida is only about a half an hour away from Orlando where you could stay and visit Disney World, Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld, Epcot Center and many more is just a short drive away. I have been to Disney World but hadn’t taken my kids because it was a business conference, I would love to take my children to see all the attractions and rides at all the parks.

Now that the summer vacation is around the corner there is no better time to take the family, since school is out nobody has to miss any days, and surely we all saved some paid time off or vacation time, so mine as well use it. My favorite places to visit would be Kennedy Space Center, Hollywood Studio’s, Seaworld and Walt Disney World itself including Animal Kingdom.

The next time I visit Florida, I probably would stay at a vacation home such as Advantage Vacation Homes or Beachtree Villa’s where you can stay for a week or a month in a vacation home and save on hotel costs. This gives you a “base” of operations where you can come back to after each excursion and decide what to do next with the family.

Best of all you could win a whole vacation package for free, as Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways for 2, and two week long vacations for a family of 4. Drawings will be held on June 1st, so enter the drawing and see if you might be lucky enough to win a free vacation for your family.

-Justin Germino


  • http://www.cheaporlandovacations.info Chris

    My friend and I just booked spring break 2010! Woo Hooooo! I just wanted to share that we found a coupon for 2 Free Days at any Disney Park with a hotel room purchase at this site:


    Is anyone else going to be in the area the first week of February 2010?

  • http://signaldrivingschool.co.uk/kenley_automatic_driving_lessons.php Wendy

    Nice poem. I would love to take the kids to Florida, we have been saving for a holiday for quite some time now and just looking around for the best deal. Will hopefully get out there sometime soon while the kids are at the age to enjoy Disneyland.

  • http://heritageinstallationsltd.co.uk/double-glazing/addington Leo

    What a lovely poem, i would love to go to Orlando and I am sure the kids would too, well another 2 years of saving and maybe then I will be able to

  • http://scrapcarforfree.co.uk Reg

    What a glorious poem you have written here very interesting.