Oct 06

WOOF Contest Announces Top Picks for October 3rd

Wanderer Thoughts had several submissions this week but did not win a slot.  I enjoyed submitting and reading the others submissions.  I encourage anybody who runs a writing, literature or poetry blog to enter the weekly WOOF Contests.

WOOF Contest – Top Picks:

Fiction/Short Story/Serial Fiction/One Act Play

Romeo – “A Boy of Doubt”A short story about a boy trying to come to terms with himself, and love.

Jennifer M Scott – “Goodbye Baby”A young woman tells her boyfriend she is pregnant, is he happy?

Henry Petrie – “Social Networking”A second-person account of killing time by trying to meet people over social networking sites.


Penelope Anne Bartotto – “The Moral”100 words in haiku format on good versus evil.

Sanjay Chhabria – “Let me Love”Ever fell in love; had a crush or engaged in any kind of infatuation… If yes, then this is a must read.

Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Thriller “Dead Play

Other WOOF Contestants for 10/03/08

Fiction/Short Story/Serial Fiction/One Act Play

Penelope Anne Bartotto – “Where Have All the Children Gone?”Short Story, Part I in which an entire town’s children disappear.

Jennifer M Scott – “Firefly Chapter 21”The last chapter of Firefly.

Jennifer M Scott – “Legolas’ Destiny”A story about Legolas, a character from the Lord of the Rings.


Dragon Blogger – “Excaliber I am Not the One”Poem I wrote while thinking about how the other knights felt when trying to pull excaliber from the stone.

Dragon Blogger – “Connect the Heart”Poem I wrote for my wife several years ago.

Dragon Blogger – “Sets me in Motion”Love Poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “September”A poem about September.

Jennifer M Scott – “Sweet Infringence”First line: wild flowers grow through the garbage/ a blue splashed sky sinks into a black ground.

Jennifer M Scott – “Bejeweled Leaves”Abstract poem of fall.
Dragon Blogger – “Two Lovers in a Tree”Another Love Poem by Dragon Blogger.

-Dragon Blogger

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